Who we are

Daewoong Therapeutics is a R & D based biopharmaceutical company that develops new pharmaceutical products utilizing innovative drug delivery systems and drug repurposing.

Our mission is to improve patient convenience and minimize the side effects while providing new drugs with optimal efficacy. Our goal is to support and contribute to the public health and wellness.


[Development Field]

New drug development through drug repurposing: orphan drugs for rare diseases

Development of incrementally modified drugs

Formulation development consignment research

Microneedle platform technology

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Core Values & Missions

A company that improves patients’ quality of life through the development of patient-oriented pharmaceutical products

Our mission is to provide maximum convenience and therapeutic effects through novel drug developments
  • 1. Passion to confront challenges and pursue innovations
  • 2. Forming healthy network with stakeholders through open communication
  • 3. Ensuring working environment for creativity and advancement
  • 4. Work ethic that complies with basics and principles

Company Milestone